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Follow me through the adventures that take place in my kitchen, in restaurants or in other kitchens. Cooking and food are my passions and I want to share my experiences of cooking, baking and eating with you.
I'm a Greek self-taught cook who lives in Chicago. I learned a lot about cooking from both of my grandmothers, my mom and dad, family and friends. Passing on timeless traditions through food is one thing I strive to do in life.

These are my journeys through culinary exploration...

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Oct 30


Food Network really gets me.  This feature on the 20 best Mac-n-Cheese recipes had me drooling on my keyboard.  Of course, I would gladly make AND eat ALL OF THE MAC-N-CHEESES!!!!!!

I am partial to these two though:

Mac-n-Cheese Carbonara by my main man Bobby Flay.  I know what you’re thinking… and no, I didn’t choose this recipe as one of my faves because I have a HUGE crush on Bobby.  I chose it because carbonara is one of my favorite sauces to pair with pasta.  If I’m not in the mood for a tomato-based gravy on my noodles, it’s gotta be carbonara.  Why did I never think to do this mac-n-cheese style??  Don’t worry, I’m going to now!

Roasted Squash Chili Mac by Rachael Ray.  First of all… roasted butternut squash - ‘nuff said.  Secondly, a cheesy bechamel flavored with a chili spice mix?!  Genuis!  This one is definitely making an appearance on the weekly menu in the near future!    

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